Wrought Iron Balusters


Wrought iron is a great way to personalize the look of your staircase. Not only can you pick from an ever growing
list of designs and styles but you can also select from a wide range of different finishes. Not only can you have

metal balusters but you can also have metal newels to match the design of your balusters. If you dont find what

your looking for ask us, our baluster and newel list is ever growing. If your looking for something extra special

we can have your balusters custom made and powdercoated a number of different colors.


To see some different see some baluster patterns click here.



Wrought Iron Baluster Finishes


Wrought iron balusters come in a variety of different finishes that you can choose to match the look of your

house. Please pay careful attention to each of the available finshes for each of the different style of metal balusters.


wrought iron baluster finishes



Versitale Series Balusters

Versatile Series Balusters



Ribbon Twist Series Balusters


Ribbon Twist Series Balusters



Gothic Series Balusters

Gothic Series Balusters



Sante Fe Series Balusters

Sante Fe Series Wrought Iron Balusters



Tuscany Series Balusters

Tuscany Series Wrought Iron Balusters



Metal Newels

Wrought Iron Metal Newels



Wrought Iron Panel Collection

Wrought Iron Metal Panel Collection



Shoes and Collars

Wrought Iron Balusters Shoes and Collars